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Unitatis Strings Composition Workshop: Call for Submission

The Unitatis String Composition Workshop 2019 (USCW2019), presented in partnership with the Canadian Music Centre, is a 2 day workshop open to composers wishing to learn, take risks, and advance their writing specifically for stringed instruments. Composers will gain greater insight into the unique opportunities and challenges that are faced when writing for string players/string ensembles.

The USCW is devoted to the development of music education, and we are dedicated to providing equal opportunity to musicians who seek to further their careers.

USCW is taking place on August 17-18 2019 at the Canadian Music Centre in Toronto.

  • Composer are invited to submit existing works for string orchestra (short pieces for beginner and intermediate level string orchestra will be prioritized). We will accept up to 9 composers based on submissions. Selected composers are expected to attend in person.*

  • We will also invite artists to audit the workshop (up to 10).*

*If requested, we can explore options for remote participation for artists not able to attend in person.

The workshop will include two full days of activities, with lunch and snacks provided. Activities include: talks and lectures from guest artists; a live play through and critique of each composition; and, a recording session. Day one will include 20 minutes for each participating composer to take part in an initial workshopping of their piece—composers are encouraged to make adjustments to their piece as required before recordings are made on day two. Musicians and the conductor of Unitatis Strings will provide feedback, and we will facilitate dialogue with other participating composers.

The intimate workshop space will allow for participants to work closely with the ensemble, and to sit among the players in order to hear pieces from multiple vantage points.


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There are no restrictions on who can apply

There is no application fee 

The Unitatis Strings is also looking for volunteer string players! Click here if interested.