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Meet the Musician: Sarah Deniverville 


Violinist and violist Sarah de Niverville performs and teaches in the Greater Toronto Area, specializing in chamber, contemporary and orchestral music.

Ms. de Niverville is a founding member of contemporary music group Ensemble Atlantica, an ensemble focused on performing works by early career composers.  She also teaches violin to elementary school children in Scarborough as part of Sistema Toronto.  Ms. de Niverville is a four-time member of the National Youth Orchestra of Canada, acting as Co-Principal Viola for three summers.  Additionally, she has played with the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra, the Guelph Symphony Orchestra, the Galiano Ensemble, Symphony New Brunswick, the University of Victoria Orchestra, contemporary music ensemble Sonic Lab, and youth orchestras in Nova Scotia, Long Island, and New Brunswick.  Ms. de Niverville’s musical travels have taken her to Portugal, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, China and Italy.

Ms. de Niverville earned her Master of Music in Performance at the University of Victoria under the tutelage of Joanna Hood of the Lafayette String Quartet.  She previously earned her Bachelor of Music in Performance from the Université de Moncton, studying with Nadia Francavilla and Isabelle Fournier.

1. When did you start playing your instrument?
I began playing violin when I was five, but I began playing viola when I was seventeen.

2. Who is your biggest musical inspiration?
All of the teachers that I have been lucky enough to work with over the years have inspired me!

3. Who is your favourite composer?
Brahms, Mahler, Debussy, Sibelius

4. If you had to choose only 1 piece to listen to for the rest of your life, what piece would it be?
That’s a really tough question! Right now I’d say the second movement of Mahler’s Symphony No. 3, but the answer changes all the time.

5. If you weren’t a musician, what would you be?
Probably a writer or a psychologist

6. What are some of your non-music related pastimes/hobbies?
I enjoy reading and writing when I actually have spare time. I’ve also recently taken up gardening. I enjoy a good game of Dungeons and Dragons too.

7. What is your life motto?
Treat others the way you would want to be treated.

8. What advice would you give your younger self?
I would tell myself to start playing viola earlier in high school - people started suggesting it to me when I was in grade 9 or 10, and I was too stubborn to listen at first!

9. What piece/song can you not stand?
Non -classical: Red Solo Cup
Classical: A lot of Liszt solo piano works (sorry, pianists).

10. What is your pre-concert routine?
I somehow always end up eating Subway before a concert. There always seems to be a Subway right near wherever I’m playing!