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Founded in 2018, the Unitatis Strings is a Toronto-based string chamber ensemble. The group is composed of young, talented, and passionate string players led by Kemi Lo, Founder and Artistic Director. The string ensemble specializes in classical music, but can also play a wide variety of genres such as film scores or pop arrangements, depending on the specific event. Whether it’s a concert, wedding, or corporate event, the Unitatis Strings delivers energetic and passionate music wherever they are. 

Recently, the Unitatis Strings debuted two pieces from two queer Toronto locals, Andrew McClure from the Counterpoint Community Orchestra, and student composer Travis Grubissi from York University. The aim of the concert was to showcase past LGBTQ composers, while also presenting a new generation of queer composers and their work. The Unitatis Strings believe in unity in diversity (“Unitatis”, meaning unity in Latin), and equality and acceptance of others, no matter the race, ethnicity, or sexuality.

The Unitatis Strings is currently growing, and will continue to present quality music to it’s audiences. Contact us for bookings or inquiries!